Mastercard FAQs

Effective August 1, 2023, Mutual Savings Credit Union will move to Mastercard® as our new debit card and credit card provider. You’ll enjoy the same convenience that all cardholders have become accustomed to at Mutual Savings which now provides contactless purchases. We are very excited to offer this new option to our members.

How will I know when my new cards arrive?

Your debit cards will arrive in a plain white envelope with no identifiable markings from Mutual Savings. This is for security purposes. Please be on the lookout for your cards at the beginning of September.

What actions do I need to take?

Activate your new cards. You’ll find the instructions on the sticker attached to your new card. Every card on the account must be activated and this includes any authorized users for credit card accounts. Only activate your new cards once you receive your new Mastercard® debit and/or credit cards.

Update accounts/services attached to your current cards. Make sure any recurring auto-charges that are tied to your current debit or credit card are updated to ensure smooth, continued payments. If you use person-to-person payment systems like Venmo®, PayPal®, and Cash App® you will need to update it to reflect your new Mastercard® number.

What is my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

How do I get a Personal Identification Number (PIN) number for my new debit and/or credit card?   Call 1-888-891-2435 and follow the prompts. Once your call is complete, your new PIN will be active and you can begin using this for transactions. As a safety reminder, never give out or write down your PIN.

Can I still monitor my transactions?

Can I monitor my card transactions? Yes! If you currently use the MyCardRules® app, all you have to do is add your new card number. It will monitor your transactions as it does now. You will have to set up alerts and controls for all new cards added. You have options on merchant types, spending limits, and transaction types. Stay informed and in control with the MyCardRules® app.

When will my old cards be turned off?

How long will my current cards be accessible? Your current cards will be turned off 30 days after you activate your new debit and credit cards with Mastercard®. We want to allow enough time to ensure a smooth transition and to allow you time to get the items you need set up on your new cards. However, on October 31, 2023, all old cards will be closed and no further transactions will be approved for payment.

What happens to the rewards points associated with my VISA® debit and credit cards?

Any points associated with your Rising Rewards checking account or your VISA® Blue Rewards will automatically transfer to your new cards and there is no action necessary on this item.

Will Mastercard® credit cards be mailed to all direct and authorized users on the account?

If you currently have a VISA® card, your new Mastercard® credit card will be mailed directly to you.

Why are we changing to Mastercard®?

We are always looking for products that fit the needs of our members. Mastercard® offers ID Theft Protection, Mastercard® Global Service, and Mastercard® Airport Concierge services included as part of the value-added services, and more can be found in the Guide to Benefits. We are confident that members will see no difference in the service they’ve become accustomed to from Mutual Savings when moving to this new platform. We are excited to offer contactless payment with our new Mastercard® debit and credit cards.

I didn’t get my new cards in the mail. What should I do? 

We offer instant-issue for both credit and debit cards at all of our eight branch locations. A quick turnaround time means you will no longer have to wait for your card in the mail. Please bring an accepted form of identification for identification verification.

Who can I contact for help?

If you have any questions please call 800-950-6728 to speak with a call center representative Monday –Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You may also access our online communication option of ‘chat’ to ask questions involving the transition to Mastercard®.