Top 5 Forgotten Features of MSCU

October 11, 2016 mscu

For over 75 years, Mutual Savings Credit Union has established a reputation as a leading provider of checking, savings and loan products. In addition to providing the core services needed to manage your finances, MSCU supplies benefits that you may have overlooked. Let’s take a look at the 5 most forgotten features of Mutual Savings that add even more value to your membership.


If you’re looking to substitute cash for plastic or if you just need a last-minute gift for someone special, a VISA® prepaid debit card is just what you need. These cards feature the same security and usefulness of a debit card but they don’t have to be linked to a checking account. Load the card for the amount you want and track your balance online for free! Visit the VISA® Prepaid Debit Card page for full details.


If you know of a relative or friend that would like to join Mutual Savings Credit Union or you yourself need to streamline the process of closing your accounts at another financial institution and moving your money to MSCU, then our SwitchKit is the tool you need. Fill out the SwitchKit online, print and send – that’s all it takes to make moving easier. The MSCU SwitchKit can be found right on our website – share the link today!


The hot, humid weather we’re currently experience makes it difficult to think about Christmas. But the holiday shopping season will be here before you know it and now’s the time to prepare. With a Christmas Club account from Mutual Savings, you can automatically set aside a specified amount each month that will be made available to you on November 1st, just in time to start shopping. Visit the Christmas Club page and learn how you can avoid the hassle of scrambling for shopping money this year.


Through MSCU’s Mutual Works program, business owners can include a Mutual Savings membership as part of your company’s employee benefits package – for free. In addition to helping employees enhance their knowledge and use of financial services, on site financial education classes are available through this program. You can get more information and watch a helpful video by visiting the Mutual Works page.


When many members visit the MSCU website, their main objective is to access their accounts through the MSCU home banking service – and that’s OK! But there’s a wealth of information that can be found on our website, particularly on the MSCU Blog. You can stay up-to-date on the latest promotions, learn about new products and more by visiting the MSCU Blog. Each week, we feature new videos and articles that can help you make sure you get the most out of your MSCU membership. Make the MSCU Blog one of your “favorites” today!

Thanks for reading! Have we overlooked a forgotten service? Let us know by tweeting the hashtag #MSCUforgotten on Twitter.

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