Telephone banking is a free 24-hour automated teller service from Mutual Savings Credit Union! Telephone banking provides access to three main options that allow you to perform different tasks. When a member dials in, a series of options will appear:

1) Account information services

2) Open an account or apply for a loan

4) Activate a card or report a lost/stolen card

Have your Mutual Savings member number available when calling to conduct transactions pertaining to your accounts. Dial (205) 682-1199 or (800) 910-4804.

Select “Account Information” to access your Mutual Savings account. You’ll be asked to enter your member number and your telephone banking PIN.

Account Information Services

1. Transactions

2. Inquiries

3. Change password

4. Use different member number

9. Repeat these options

*. Previous menu

8. End call

0. Member service representative

Telephone banking is available around the clock for Mutual Savings members. If you have difficulty navigating the telephone menus, you can also contact Member Services during normal business hours for assistance.

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