Ever notice how you always seem to have more bills than postage stamps? With Mutual Savings Credit Union’s online bill pay service, you’ll always have what you need to pay your bills on time. Online bill pay is a free enhancement to your home banking service.


  • Store your biller’s address for quicker payments
  • Pay bills instantly or schedule future payments
  • Receive confirmation of a paid bill
  • Easily cancel or revise scheduled payments

When you pay a bill using online bill pay, an electronic payment is sent to your biller from your checking account instantly or on the date you scheduled for the payment. If you need to send a payment to a person or a company that can’t accept an electronic payment, online bill pay will issue a paper check on your behalf. An image of this check can viewed from your home banking service when the check posts.

You can add online bill pay to your home banking service by clicking on the “Bill Pay” tab within your home banking account and following the simple steps to create your bill payments.

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