The Mutual Savings Credit Union Fraud Center is here to help protect and prevent fraud from occurring on your account. Security is a highly discussed issue today. Problems with fraud, data breaches and compromises are, unfortunately problems in which many consumers have learned about the last several years.

Mutual Savings Credit Union has a new fraud protection service that is automatic for every debit card holder. Here’s how Mutual Savings is protecting you. We use the latest the technology that allows our network to learn cardholder spending habits and recognize fraud patterns. This will be very beneficial to victims of fraud because you will receive member contact regarding the potential fraud via email, text messaging and telephone calls.

If the MSCU Fraud Center detects fraud on your account, we will send you an email. If the fraud is confirmed you will respond via email to confirm that it is fraud. Our next step is send a free text message when we have not received a response from the email. Should you wish to not receive free fraud text alerts, simply reply STOP at anytime. If we fail to reach you via text messaging, we will place a telephone call directly to you. Remember, we know your information and would never ask you for your social security number. Our verification process will be simple and straightforward and the cardholder will know the answers.

Don’t forget, emails, texts and telephone calls are our methods to reach you. Today’s technology offers many wonderful tools and they are deployed in our fraud center – designed to protect you.

Security tips:

  • Always let us know when you will be going out of the country or any travel in general. We can tag your account so that your transactions are not denied nor delayed approval in the transactions presented.
  • Keep your account Personal Identification Number (PIN) safe. Never put your PIN with your debit card.
  • Make sure your telephone numbers both cellular and home are updated with the credit union.
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