How to Report Your Lost or Stolen Debit Card

October 11, 2016 mscu

Debit cards have become one of the most popular services enjoyed by Mutual Savings Credit Union members because they are secure and easy to use for purchases and ATM withdrawals. Unfortunately, there are times when we misplace our debit cards or, even worse, they are stolen. Mutual Savings Credit Union provides multiple options for members to report their MSCU debit card as lost or stolen.

MSCU hopes that you never have to rely on these options but if you do, please know that it is best if you have your debit card’s number and expiration date on hand to help report your missing or stolen card more efficiently.

Report Your Missing or Stolen Card

During normal business hours, you can visit your MSCU branch location or contact a Mutual Savings representative by calling (800) 950-6728.

After hours or on weekends, report your missing or stolen debit card with MSCU’s telephone banking service.

  • Dial (800) 910-4804 or (205) 682-1199
  • Press 4 to activate a card or report a lost or stolen card
  • Press 2 to report a card lost, stolen or not received
  • Press 1 if you know your card number; Press 2 if you don’t know your card number

What Happens Next

  • After your debit card is reported missing or stolen, that card is canceled and can no longer be used.
  • If you want a new debit card, you must request the new card. If you report your debit card as missing or stolen after hours and want a new card, you must contact MSCU (in person or by phone) the next business day to place your request.
  • If you request a new card, it will be mailed to you. A new personal identification number (PIN) will be generated for you. For security purposes, this new PIN will be mailed to you but arrive after you receive your new debit card.

Important Info

Once you receive your new debit card and PIN, you’ll be ready to make purchases and ATM withdrawals again. It’s important to remember that Mutual Savings Credit Union debit card purchases are limited to $1,000.00 per day for added security purposes. Members can contact MSCU to have this daily purchase limit increased. ATM withdrawals made with MSCU debit cards are limited to $500.00 per day but members should know that non-MSCU ATMs may feature a lower daily limit. Mutual Savings Credit Union also places security restrictions on international debit card purchases. If you plan to use your MSCU debit card outside of the United States, contact MSCU so that your card will work properly.

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