Chartered in 1936, Mutual Savings Credit Union serves the diverse needs of a fast-growing group of members from a variety of professional organizations with a full array of financial services.

Originally organized to serve the employees of U.S. Steel’s Fairfield Works, Mutual Savings now proudly serves counties throughout Alabama as well as numerous employer groups. Our credit union exists solely to meet member’s financial needs as an organization large enough to serve all of your financial needs, yet small enough to know what they are.

Our vision is simple. We will be a dominant credit union in the marketplace because we focus on providing value and service to our members.

Mutual Savings Credit Union members are more than just customers. Members are owners. Each member owns a share of the credit union. Therefore, when the credit union succeeds, proceeds are returned to all members – not just a select group of stockholders – through lower loan rates, higher savings rates, fewer fees and added or improved services.

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