Don't Let Your Tax Refund Vanish!

October 11, 2016 mscu

Your income tax refund can be a quick fix to pay bills or make needed purchases. You’ve probably noticed in the past that your refund can disappear before your eyes. This year, Mutual Savings wants to help prevent your tax refund from performing a vanishing act!

Mutual Savings has two smart options for your tax refund that don’t involve smoke and mirrors. And each option can help you get more from your refund this year.

More and more financial analysts are encouraging people to start an emergency savings fund that is the equivalent of 6-months of your income. It’s called an emergency fund because you could really benefit from having this cash for vehicle or home repairs, medical expenses or other times of need. With the right savings product from Mutual Savings, you can even earn interest on your emergency fun and add to the amount of your tax refund.

Rather than spend your entire tax refund to pay for only a portion of a bill or project, you can use your refund to secure a loan from Mutual Savings. This allows you to complete the purchase instantly while repaying the loan with smaller, budget-friendly amounts. Plus, your tax refund can help you receive a lower loan rate when used to secure you loan as opposed the rate for an unsecured loan.

Don’t let your tax refund vanish! Contact Mutual Savings at (800) 950-6728 to learn more about these and other smart alternatives for your refund. It’s not magic – it’s Mutual Savings!

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