You need a checking account that’s tailored to fit a mobile lifestyle. You want a checking account that’s accessible from anywhere – just like your favorite photos, music and movies. Say ‘goodbye’ to traditional checking accounts and ‘hello’ to an account that’s built to be the alternative to banking: Discover the Alt Checking.

What is Discover the Alt Checking?

Discover the Alt Checking from Mutual Savings Credit Union gives you all the cool features of a checking account that you want (for free) to keep you and your wallet on-the-go. Inspired by today’s technology that you use at home and school, Discover the Alt Checking is ideal for members in the 16 to 25 age range.

Discovering the Alternative

With Discover the Alt Checking, you’ll be able to access your account using your smartphone, laptop, tablet and devices you use in other areas of life. This connectivity to Mutual Savings is provided to you for free using the following great services:

Learning the Alternative

Discover the Alt Checking can be a great tool for younger people that may not be familiar with checking accounts. In addition to incorporating the technology that’s relevant to your lifestyle, Discover the Alt Checking is first and foremost an efficient, hassle-free checking account. Here are the great checking services you can expect:

  • A free debit card for ATM withdrawals and purchases in stores and online.
  • ATM withdrawal fees reimbursed up to $15 each month (if you sign up for e-Statements).
  • Have your paychecks or other payments sent to your account via direct deposit for free.
  • Automate loan payments using Mutual Savings Credit Union’s free payroll deduction service.

Additional Information

There’s no minimum balance requirement, no monthly fee and no withdrawal limit for Discover the Alt Checking. Parents or guardians of members that are younger than 18 can contact a Mutual Savings representative to get started with a new Discover the Alt Checking account.

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