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The Difference Between Your Current and Available Balance

You’ve seen the two different balances in your Mutual Savings Credit Union home banking account or on your ATM receipts but what is the difference between your available balance and your current balance? To understand the answer to this question, it is helpful to know more about how checks and debit card purchases are presented to Mutual Savings Credit Union …

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Discover a Better Alternative to Banking with Mutual Savings Credit Union

Technology improves life by allowing us to combine steps and save time. Our smartphones are technological marvels that serve as a camera and dictionary, not to mention all of its communications functions. In short, technology gives us access to better alternatives. Inspired by today’s technology, Mutual Savings Credit Union has created a better alternative to banking. Our Discover the Alt …

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Earn even MORE interest with Rising Rewards!

It just got even easier to make money with your Rising Rewards account from Mutual Savings Credit Union! In addition to earning you rewards points for your signature-based debit card purchases, your Rising Reward balance now earns 0.75% APY* on balances lower than $25,000.00. There’s no minimum balance requirement to earn this great rate – it’s like earning interest just …

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Free Discover the Alt T-shirt in April

April is National Financial Literacy Awareness Month and Mutual Savings Credit Union is making a special offer to anyone that interested in improving their understanding of money management. During the month of April, MSCU will be giving away a free t-shirt to anyone that pays a visit to a MSCU branch location and asks about Discover the Alt Checking. ABOUT …

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Unexpected Income

What to do with Unexpected Income

In reality, chances of winning such a lottery are very slim. However, inheriting money or even getting a bigger-than-expected tax return is not unlikely. Here are 5 tips from Mutual Savings Credit Union for putting your unexpected income to good use. Tip #1: Prevent your tax refund (or any unexpected income) from vanishing. Your income tax refund can be a …

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