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Brass SHOW Auto Budget 586x258

brass|SHOW: CARving out an Auto Budget

There’s lots more to owning a vehicle than just paying your auto loan payment on time each month. The following episode of The brass|SHOW is great for sharing with young drivers to help them learn more about the operational costs associated with owning a vehicle. Want even more great financial tips from brass|MEDIA? Be sure to pick of a free …

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Home Buying 586x258

brass|SHOW: Home Buying

If you have been considering buying your first home, you probably have lots of questions about financing, repayment terms and other considerations. The latest episode of The brass|SHOW has answers to those questions and more. The following video contains everything you need to know about mortgages and the home buying process. After watching. be sure to check out how Mutual …

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Security Deposit 586x258

brass|SHOW: Securing Your Security Deposit

If you plan on renting a house or an apartment this summer, there are some important things to consider about your all-important security deposit. The following episode of The brass|SHOW explains some helpful steps you can take – from documenting the condition of your place to knowing what’s allowed in your lease – that could increase your chances of receiving …

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Food Shopping 586x258

brass|SHOW: Food Shopping on a Budget

Whether you buy your food in a restaurant, grocery store or vending machine, chances are that you’re spending more money than you have to due to lack of planning. The simple steps covered in the following episode of The brass|SHOW can help you identify ways to save by shopping on a budget. Want even more great financial tips from brass|MEDIA? …

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Savings Steps 586x258

brass|SHOW: Saving Stragetically

The chances of winning the lottery are very low. If you want to add some extra money to your account, it makes more sense to develop a sound savings plan than to purchase lotto tickets. In this episode of The brass|SHOW, we’ll review 10 easy ways you can save while you’re young to build the habit for the future. Want …

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Financial Positioning 586x258

brass|SHOW: Financial Positioning System

It’s easy to hop into your car, punch a destination into your GPS and drive with confidence. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a FPS…a Financial Positioning System?? Unfortunately, such a device doesn’t exist but the latest episode of The brass|SHOW explains how plotting your financial future is a lot like planning a long trip. Want even more great …

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Whats The Score 586x258

brass|SHOW: What’s the Score?

The beginning of another year is upon us, which makes for a great time to try new things. If you’re planning on improving your credit score in 2015, the first step you need to take is finding out your current credit score. There are various ways to learn this information and some of those ways can actually harm your credit …

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Pay Off Debt 586x258

brass|SHOW: UnABEle to Pay Off Debt?

Winter weather is here and it’s almost to start planning your resolutions for the New Year. If you plan to tackle your debt next year, the latest episode of The brass:SHOW explains two approaches that may come in handy – and both have names that are very fitting for this time of the year! Want even more great financial tips …

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Brass Budget 586x258

brass|SHOW: Building a Biased Budget

We enjoy so many activities and hobbies that they often complicate the budget-making process. But accommodating all of your interests can be accomplished with some creative thinking. The latest episode of The brass|SHOW provides handy visual examples of how you can plot your budget to meet all of your needs. Want even more great financial tips from brass|MEDIA? Be sure …

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Manage Your Finances 586x258

brass|SHOW: Managing Your Finances

There are many things in life that prevent us from properly managing our finances. Things like impulse purchases, forgetting to track an expense, emergency car repair plus many of life’s other curveballs. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to get the most out of our paychecks while saving money during tough times. The latest episode of The brass|SHOW shows how …

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