Business Benefits

Membership in a credit union is one of the most important “fringe benefits” employers can offer their employees. Membership in Mutual Savings Credit Union is a free service that can be added to your existing employee benefits package. Provide your employees with the money-saving benefits of our Mutual Works program!

When your business utilizes Mutual Works, your employees will benefit from payroll deduction, a favorite among Mutual Savings Credit Union members. Payroll deduction makes it easy to save or pay loans automatically. For the employer, it’s simple, easy and economical.

Safety With Mutual Works

All deposits are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. This entity is funded and administered by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government.

About Mutual Works

Though our Mutual Works program, Mutual Savings Credit Union benefits employees by:

  • Encouraging regular savings
  • Providing rates and terms better than most other financial institutions
  • Accommodating smaller loans than other financial institutions
  • On-site educational seminars on financial information

Educational Courses

Educating your employees about important financial information and topics will help them become better managers of their money. Therefore, your employees will feel more fulfilled and less stressed.

These informative, engaging courses are held at your location or online and cover the following topics:

  • Money management
  • Understanding credit reports
  • Checking account management
  • Identity theft
  • Steps to financial success
  • The basics of investing
  • Rebuilding after a financial hardship
  • Financial planning
  • A guide to homeownership
  • Teens and money

Mutual Savings will help your employees take charge of their financial affairs and reach financial stability. Therefore, becoming more productive employees for you! Put Mutual Savings Credit Union to work for you by calling (205) 682-1156 or visiting

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