Mutual Savings Credit Union has partnered with brass|MEDIA Inc. to help boost the financial education of young members through the use of a great website, brass|MAGAZINE, the brass|SHOW and other resources. This is all a free enhancement to your MSCU membership.

What is brass?

From brass|MEDIA Inc. CEO Bryan Sims:

“brass|MEDIA Inc. is about young adults, money, and how it affects our lives.

Regardless of gender, political background, or religious orientation, money is a factor in everyone’s life. Despite its strong influence, learning how to make money work for us has been all but overlooked. Many young adults find themselves burdened from overspending and buried under piles of credit card debt to the point of declaring bankruptcy.

Our passion is conveying to young adults the importance of understanding money. It is crucial to know how money and our lives interact. To get the message out, I needed a way to communicate to a large number of people. brass|MEDIA is that voice.

Our goal at brass is simple: To provide direct, intelligent, entertaining content to young adults about the money side of life™.”

About brass|Magazine

brass|MAGAZINE is a lifestyle money magazine written for young adults, by young adults about the money side of life™. With a mission to make money interesting, simple and relevant, brass|MAGAZINE covers fundamental money issues that apply to young adults and features up-and-coming young adults making a difference. Delivered quarterly to all Mutual Savings Credit Union branches, brass|MAGAZINE is distributed for free to young adult account holders.

Watch the brass|Show

Visit often to see the latest edition of the brass|SHOW and be sure to pick up your free copy of brass|MAGAZINE at any MSCU location.

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