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Discover a Better Alternative to Banking with Mutual Savings Credit Union

Technology improves life by allowing us to combine steps and save time. Our smartphones are technological marvels that serve as a camera and dictionary, not to mention all of its communications functions. In short, technology gives us access to better alternatives. Inspired by today’s technology, Mutual Savings Credit Union has created a better alternative to banking. Our Discover the Alt …

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We Are That Credit Union – Rex

A routine visit to his Mutual Savings Credit Union branch turned out to be quite a money-saver for Rex. During the visit, Rex mentioned his truck loan payment. Curiosity got the best of us – we quickly determined that refinancing his loan with Mutual Savings would cut his monthly payment in half and save him quite a bit of money. …

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brass|SHOW: Food Shopping on a Budget

Whether you buy your food in a restaurant, grocery store or vending machine, chances are that you’re spending more money than you have to due to lack of planning. The simple steps covered in the following episode of The brass|SHOW can help you identify ways to save by shopping on a budget. Want even more great financial tips from brass|MEDIA? …

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We Are That Credit Union – Cory

Cory was eager to get into a new truck but was unsure about his ability to get approved for a loan. He had never applied for a loan before and he didn’t know what steps to take. Cory came to Mutual Savings, explained what he needed and we guided him through the entire application process. Before he knew it, Cory …

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Get Ready for March Madness with the ABC 3340 Sports App and MSCU

Mutual Savings Credit Union is proud to team up with ABC 3340 to bring members the latest news and scores with the ABC 3340 Sports App. Get ready for March Madness by downloading the ABC 3340 Sports App, brought to you in part by Mutual Savings. This is the must-have app to keep up with the latest college basketball scores! …

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We Are That Credit Union – Carroll

Carroll felt as if she would never pay off her high-interest title loan. Fortunately, a friend told her about Mutual Savings Credit Union and our ability to help people save money through refinancing. Carroll visited Mutual Savings, explained her situation and we worked with her to find a way to reduce her loan rate and dramatically lower her payment. She …

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brass|SHOW: Saving Stragetically

The chances of winning the lottery are very low. If you want to add some extra money to your account, it makes more sense to develop a sound savings plan than to purchase lotto tickets. In this episode of The brass|SHOW, we’ll review 10 easy ways you can save while you’re young to build the habit for the future. Want …

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Apply Today and Drive Away

Today’s technology puts a wealth of possibilities at our fingertips. In a matter of a few swipes, taps and clicks, you can learn about the Great Wall of China, find a recipe for tonight’s dinner or even watch the latest episode of your favorite television show. At Mutual Savings Credit Union, we’ve incorporated that same notion of accessibility in order to …

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brass|SHOW: Financial Positioning System

It’s easy to hop into your car, punch a destination into your GPS and drive with confidence. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a FPS…a Financial Positioning System?? Unfortunately, such a device doesn’t exist but the latest episode of The brass|SHOW explains how plotting your financial future is a lot like planning a long trip. Want even more great …

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brass|SHOW: What’s the Score?

The beginning of another year is upon us, which makes for a great time to try new things. If you’re planning on improving your credit score in 2015, the first step you need to take is finding out your current credit score. There are various ways to learn this information and some of those ways can actually harm your credit …

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