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Picking Passwords: Make it hard to crack your code

When a snoopy sleuth on a cop show or spy movie needs access to a bad guy’s computer, passwords are cracked in two minutes tops. Why is that? Usually it’s because the password is the name of a loved one or prized possession–something anyone would know about the person. Most passwords in the real world are created using the same criteria and are hacked just as easily. It’s time for a password overhaul.

Here are some common guidelines designed to make passwords harder to figure out.

  • Avoid any password based on repetition, dictionary words, letter or number sequences.
  • Try to use randomly generated passwords from sites like
  • Include numbers, symbols and upper and lowercase letters.
  • Passwords should be as long as possible while remaining memorable.
  • If you write passwords down, keep the list in a safe place (not on your computer, in your or car or in the open at home).

Try these tips and see if they work. If you still have difficulty remembering your MSCU home banking password, simply contact Mutual Savings for help.

This article was written by Shea DeBord for brass|Media Inc.

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