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MSCU Debit Card Web

How to Report Your Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Debit cards have become one of the most popular services enjoyed by Mutual Savings Credit Union members because they are secure and easy to use for purchases and ATM withdrawals. Unfortunately, there are times when we misplace our debit cards or, even worse, they are stolen. Mutual Savings Credit Union provides multiple options for members to report their MSCU debit …

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Dollar WEB

The Difference Between Available and Current Balance

You’ve seen the two different balances in your Mutual Savings Credit Union home banking account or on your ATM receipts but what is the difference between your available balance and your current balance? To understand the answer to this question, it is helpful to know more about how checks and debit card purchases are presented to Mutual Savings Credit Union …

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Pay Keyboard WEB2

Picking Passwords: Make it hard to crack your code

When a snoopy sleuth on a cop show or spy movie needs access to a bad guy’s computer, passwords are cracked in two minutes tops. Why is that? Usually it’s because the password is the name of a loved one or prized possession–something anyone would know about the person. Most passwords in the real world are created using the same …

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